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The Freshie Perspective

Tequila Seltzer Release Campaign

Overview: We teamed up with new beverage brand FRESHIE to introduce their new Sparkling  Tequila drink to the world!

The main goal was to create a large Campaign video with the ability to break off bite-size/shareable "vignettes" for quick social ads. 


We produced the content over the course of three days with multiple Chicago locations. Using each location to tell its own summer story with an end goal of combining all the footage to create an epic summer vibe while also allowing each location to be its own piece of shareable media. 

In the end XBT91 provided 7 unique pieces of content that can be interchanged across multiple social media platforms as well as used to showcase the best way to enjoy Freshie's Sparkling Tequila.

Creative Direction: XBT91 & FRESHIE

Director & Editor: Alex Donewald


Director of Photography: Rendell Smith

Photos: Nate Campbell 


Producers: Paige & Ryne Iseminger, Brittany Zimmermann, Elissa Bulgatz




Liz Margulis, Mike Ando, Leah Johnson, Brittany Zimmermann, Alex DeGuzman, Brian Fraze, Elissa Bulgatz, Rendell Smith, Andrew Ford, Ryan & Dani Kearns, Paige & Ryne Iseminger, Luiz, Mark, Sam

Photos: Nate Campbell

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