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Urban Release Promo


Influencer Marketing Content

Overview: XBT91 was brought in as Creative Consultants and Cinematographers to create a high paced Adidas shoe release visual.

The Mission: capture the durability of these badass kicks and pair it with the gritty backdrop of Chicago.

Production: 2 days. 1 Sunrise shoot & 1 Sunset/night shoot.

Post: Grungey. The vibe, the city, the music, all grunge. The heavier soundtrack mixed with the city sounds and an on the run photographer really draws you into the action while keeping the viewer entertained and inspired to go out and explore!


The Rundown

Execution: We had a ton of awesome locations planed out so we had to balanced run & gun skills with production value to make the most with the limited time we had.

BTS Photos: Mike Ando

Special Thanks to Federal Moto for lending their kickass van and space.

Photos: Mike Ando // Model: Trashhand

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